This is a two-story house which has a living room with a small kitchen and bathroom on the first floor and a tatami room and a bedroom with two beds on the second floor. There is loft space that can be used for sleeping with futon above tatami room.

The second floor has Japanese paper sliding doors. They are made of special paper called Kyo-Karakami. Kyo-Karakami is like a type of woodblock print, it uses printing blocks hand-carved on magnolia wood with traditional patterns passed down from ancient times. Please handle them with care. If they are damaged, the guest will be charged for the repair.


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2017年2月にフルリノベーション完成したてのRAKUTOKO Annex=別館。
近代的にモディファイしたハイブリッドなモダン京都町屋です。本格的な京都町家のゲストハウスRAKUTOKO「桜」と「梅」と同じ路地にあります。ひととき京の街の住人なったような気分を味わっていただければ嬉しいです。 2階には2つの部屋があります。そのうちの1つにはシングルベッド2台があり、他の部屋には2人用のソファベッドがあり、4人でこの家に滞在できます。その他快適に過ごして頂くために必要なものすべてがあります。

About this listing

Rakutoko annex has just opened in March 2017. It's a fully renovated Kyoto Machiya with modern facilities. It's located on the same alley as Rakutoko Sakura And Ume which are authentic Kyoto Machiya town houses. You can enjoy staying in this house as if you are local residents. There are two rooms on the second floor. One of them has two single beds and the other room has a sofa bed for two which makes four people to stay in this house. The house has everything you need to stay comfortably.